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Fitness Should Be For EVERYONE


Welcome to no judgement and work outs tailored for bodies who may not work as well as others.
We offer private booking body weight exercise classes for ages 3 and up.
Also offering Karate Basics for ages 3 and up.
We offer private booking yoga for ages 3 and up.
Senior fitness twice a week! Timber Pups Karate has two groups a day!
Space is limited in classes, sign up now by sending us a message. No walk ins will be available during summer hours
If you would like to set up a trial date, please send us a message.

Coming soon:
Basic Tai Chi for Meditation and Flexibility
Reiki sessions
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Class Schedule

Class Schedule

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Life hits hard. Lets get better together


Justin and Kit Callahan

PAK Fitness owners and instructors

About PAK Fitness

Meet Our Trainers

At PAK Fitness, we believe that wellness is not just a physical activity, but a whole of our core. It is a path you take in life.

Our pair of instructors are passionate about helping you achieve your goals, whether it's weight loss, muscle toning, or improving your overall health and wellness with meditation or starting on your journey with martial arts.

We are committed to providing you with the support and guidance you need to succeed on your path.


Justin first started his Martial Arts journey in 1990 in a very small karate school in Coon Rapids Minnesota. Riding his bike up hill both ways in the snow, swerving the many lakes, he made it to class without fail, having discovered a deep love for karate.

In 1997 he joined the Air Force, with a second degree black belt in Isshyn-Ryu Karate. During his military career he had the opportunity to train with many other martial artists, adding to his style with instruction in Taekwondo and Kung Fu. In 2005 he transferred to Shotokan Karate and earned his third black belt a year later. 

From 2002-2014 he taught a variety of students at his first school, Tengu Martial Arts. With great regret he had to step back from teaching in 2014 due to personal injury. During his recovery he found himself in a number of different careers, all centered on helping others. 

After many years he has returned to teaching, now in Goldendale Washington, as of 2023. 

As it turns out, some old dogs can learn new kicks...



Kit has worn many hats through out her life, from receptionist, to food service, to house painter. No stranger to physically demanding jobs, she sustained a variety of injuries through out the years. Her first spinal injury occurred when she was only 12 years old.


Having become a Licensed Massage Therapist and a Certified Home Care Aide, Kit has put a lot of time and heart into learning about the body from it's care and needs to it's abilities, and how the body begins to fail due to age or disability, natural or otherwise. Facing her own chronic illnesses and lingering injuries, Kit strives to help others who experience that type of living to get the best quality of life that they can. 

Taking inspiration from her years as a massage therapist, learning the muscular system and it's movements in excruciating detail, Kit focuses her yoga courses on promoting mobility and vitality. Desk Fitness courses were her idea after aggravating her own spinal injury years ago, to help prevent accumulating damages to the body.


With the heart of a healer, her passion is helping others live their best life.


Services and Prices



Let us guide you through focusing your inner self. This class is designed around a busy lifestyle. It is also available for walk ins. With no religious affiliation, this course is designed only to help bridge the gap between body and mind, created by our busy and stressful lives.


Meditation is in no way a replacement or substitute for therapy, though it can definitely be complimentary. 

Can emotions get heavy during meditation?

Absolutely. And we don't judge, we just supply plenty of tissues.

Are there crystals and gongs?

No gongs, but if you need something tactile to hold onto we do have several options, between stones, crocheted items, or various other textures. We even have some tongue drums if you want to try active musical meditation, and one singing bowl on loan from our very supportive son. However without him present, this little device cannot be taught to you by either Instructor. It has escaped our skillsets. 

Can I pray during meditation?
Absolutely! Out of respect for others in class, who may hold other beliefs, or simply wish for a quiet meditation space, please do so to yourself. However we wholly support your connection with a higher power.

Do we have to sit on the floor? 

Nope! We have chairs and floor cushions of various types, all of which have been donated by kind souls. Comfort is key to a good meditation session. If you need to switch it up and change how you're sitting, just be mindful of the quiet space.


Full Meditation.

Guided meditation, beginning with posture focus to prevent discomfort during the meditation period. Your instructor will direct you to balance your breathing and posture, before guiding you through meditation to manage stress, separate thoughts and goals, and identify how we feel negativity in the body. Learning to compartmentalize thoughts and emotions, so the mind can bring itself back to center, learning to listen to signals from our bodies is key in finding individual paths to fitness. Life is not one size fits all, and understanding our body's needs helps to identify the next step we need to achieve for our own growth. 

The beginning of each class will begin with some chatter and time to release pent up energy so it's easier to relax for the meditation period. Questions are welcomed and guidance is always available through the session.

Kids Meditation

Our Timber Pups (3-7year) and Wildlings (8-15year) classes are a meditation in motion, teaching more mindfulness of the body, how it's affected by emotions, how those emotions feel on the inside, and how to regulate them and not let those feelings get out of control.

Our Timber Pups students must be accompanied by an adult IN CLASS WITH THEM. Wildlings may attend class alone, or with an adult.



Timber Pups


Age 3-7. Classes centered around our little ones need for speed. Never a dull moment in our youngest class. Adults must be present with their Timber Pups, but may sit in the classroom, in the office, or request a folding chair for the hallway, child permitting.

Timber Pups is $70/month and includes 5 classes each week



Ages 8-15. Classes are still kept more fast paced for the older youths. There is more focus on control. Also included with instruction are leadership skills and patience. Adults need not be present, but must be near in case of emergency. Please be on time to pick your child up. Children left with us for more than 20 minutes after class will be given a double espresso and candy, you've been warned.

Wildlings is 80/Month and includes 2 scheduled classes and access to Open Karate during the week and on Saturdays.



Ages 16 and up. Our adult class is a little more laid back, but still brings to total work out, control, flexibility and discipline of Karate. Teenaged PAK members do not need an adult present, but please be on time to retrieve your teens!

PAK is 100/month and includes 6 scheduled classes and access to Open Karate on Saturdays


Physical Fitness

Little Bigfoots

Ages 5-8. Our littles need time to run and learn themselves. In these classes we provide structured exercises for them to follow along with.

$50/Month and include 2 scheduled classes each week




Ages 9-15. Our growing middles need their own kind of outlets. Here we focus on body movements, using equipment and making exercise fun.

$60/Month and include 2 scheduled classes each week

Harry and the Trainers

Ages 16+  We focus on the fundamentals of body movement, flexibility and endurance. These are all based on the clients needs and tailored to fit each person

$70/Month and include 2 scheduled classes each week + 2 private bookings each month

(10 dollar credit after plan purchase if you know where the title came from)

Desk Fitness

Ages 8+

Fitness to be done seated, for school or at work, to prevent stagnation and immobility injuries. The human body was not meant to be sitting still for hours on end. In this course students learn skills to prevent muscular cramp, muscle loss, mobility loss, and blodd stagnation. Long hours sitting is hard on the adult heart, so learning how to prevent damage before it happens is key.

This is a walk-in class

$10 per session, daily at 12:30

Senior Fitness

Ages 55+ 

A low impact fitness class focusing on stability and fall prevention, retained range of mobility, and gross motor skills to help prevent falls and other injuries, as well as promoting health and wellness to our elder PAK members.

This is a scheduled course, twice a week at 10:00 am, Monday and Thursday. Contact us for discounts on bulk purchases.

$10 single session.

Contact us to sign up. Don't forget to ask about our discounts.

We use PayPal and Square to offer the most secure transactions with buyer insurance for purchases.


Healthcare / First Responders / Active Military & Veterans / School Staff / Library Staff always get a 10% discount. These stack with all other discounts.

PAK Fitness Refund and Cancellation Policy


PAK Fitness is a small privately owned business, we do not have financial backing outside of clients we see. 


Payments made are refundable within the first 24 hours of purchase.


Refunds after the first 24 hours will be reimbursed as credited class time.


Wearable merchandise is not available for return or refund.*


Cancellations within 24 hours of a purchased class may be rescheduled without penalty. 


Same-day cancellations, outside of purchased packages, cannot be rescheduled and must be purchased new.


PAK fitness is keen to offer help where and when we can, and we pride ourselves on going the extra mile for those in special circumstances. If you have any questions or requests, please reach out.



*Karate Gi Exchange Program


Timber Pups and Wildlings can often outgrow their karate gi quite quickly. We offer a discount to anyone who returns gi in like-new (no major damages and no alterations) condition, which can be then cleaned and repaired (if needed) and put into our scholarship program’s discount gi. 


The discount from this program will depend on our supplier’s prices at the time. Unfortunately inexpensive gi can be hard to track down in some of the smaller sizes, so we often source from multiple suppliers, discounts for turned in gi will get clients their new gi at cost, with no markup.

Timber Pups only
Our special velcro belts are exchangeable for the next level, provided they remain unaltered. There is no fee to exchange sizes or colors for the velcro belts, the standard belts will go home with Timber Pups once they have graduated to the next belt. The velcro belts themselves will be returned to PAK Fitness.


Contact PAK Fitness

Your Personal Trainer 

Justin Callahan

Justin is a certified personal trainer and nutritionist. He is also a 3rd degree blackbelt in Shotokan Karate and Reiki Master

Your Yoga instructor

Kit Callahan

Kit Specializes in meditation, Yoga, and adaptive care. She is also a certified Herbalist.

Serving Goldendale and its surrounding areas

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